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TALK TO ME GOOSE!!! (with the new CHALK TALK) + More...

CHALK TALK now has the ability to create and have private 1:1 or group messages! And it's for everyone! No matter what plan you're on. Read all about the NEW platform upgrades (available on the web app and mobile apps today) below...


Go to Chalk Talk and look for the + button to add new Private chat channels. Track Chalk Talks are still a thing but you'll be able to distinguish between the two types of channels easily. Look for different colors dots to easily distinguish what type of unread messages you have.

You can now also: Edit Comments, Reply To, and Mute Channels as you like.

Admins: YOU CAN NOW TURN OFF CHALK TALK FOR ANY TRACK. Go to Track settings and look for the Disable Chalk Talk option.


You can now create sub accounts for kids (or members without emails)! If the parent account has billing associated with it, the payment method will carry through to the subaccount. Check out this LOOM to see how to create a subaccount and switch in between accounts.


You can now invoice anyone! And we added the Create an Invoice to the store for easy access (FOR ADMINS ONLY OF COURSE). Check out this LOOM to see it in action!