Frequently asked questions

I don't want to leave my current system because it has all of my gym and athlete history. What can you do?

We were there. And now we're not. We built a system that can take exports of data from other competitors and bring them into our system. We left NOTHING behind in our old system. If we don't have it built we'll work with you to get it into our system.

Where do I get access to the application?

Chalk It Pro is a web application and also has matching native moblie applications. The web version can be accessed from the Members Sign In tab on this website. For the best Programming and Gym Administration experience we recommend using the web version or large device native apps. However, the mobile versions still give you full access to the entire suite of features. Regular users are encouraged to download the Chalk It Pro app directly from the Apple App Store and/or the Google Play Store.

I'm an Admin for our facility and would like to better learn about Chalk It Pro's functionality and how it can help us.

We have an awesome library of walk-through videos in our Resource Center, or, you can schedule a call with one of our staff members to help answer some of your questions.

I'm a garage gym / solo athlete and I'd love to learn more about how this app can help me in my training...

Have you seen our Athlete section in the Resource Center? There you will see a ton of walk-through videos highlighting many of the great features Chalk It Pro offers the solo athlete. You can also send us a message with your questions and we will respond.

How will Chalk It Pro help me earn more revenue for my gym?

Our system is built with flexibility in mind and allows you the opportunity to create private and public tracks within your gym. Running a barbell club or maybe a nutritional challenge? Great! Chalk It Pro can help you keep those organized, separate from your everyday programming and engaging for your members all while helping you create new revenue streams.

What about remote programming options?

Chalk It Pro is built with subscription permissions to enable you as a remote programmer to upload your content, give access to only those that pay for your services and grant you total control over your deliverables. This is an awesome feature for remote trainers or companies that provide programming for multiple gym locations.

I've requested an access code during sign in, but didn't receive an email, what's next?

Step 1. Verify you have typed in your email address correctly. Step 2. Check your Spam or Promotions folders. Depending on you email settings sometimes they get filtered to a hidden folder. Step 3. Search for CHALK IT PRO in your email Step 4. Contact us at support@chalkitpro.com and we'll help you get it all set.

I've signed up, now what?

Visit our Getting Started page for help. &... Check out our Demo Center for video walkthroughs and a ton of tips and tricks.