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New App Features: Making Your Life Easier, One Tap at a Time (No Robots Taking Over...yet!)

Lets tap into the future of Chalk It Pro with our latest upgrades that promise to make your (and your members) life easier and more enjoyable! No time to read the details? Jump to the TL:DR section!

Billing Module Updates

A new popularly requested feature is now available - Define Billing Cycles for Memberships! You can now set the number of cycles to be charged for a membership in your pricing configuration. Upon creating these memberships, you will notice that the Cancel Date is automatically set. This is especially useful for kickstart memberships that have to end after a certain period.

We have great news regarding the membership QR/URL links! Your EXISTING members can now also consume them. This means when you create a new membership, you can send or host links for them to buy it without the need for manual setup. Just one more tool to make your busy lives easier!

Hosting a special event or one time class for the public? Check out our new upgrade to the Drop In feature which allows you to specify a date for the QR/URL links.

Multi Level Workout Lifting Upgrade

This one has been in the works for a while and is finally available to the public! When you create a multi-level workout, you can now OPTIONALLY adjust the Primary Lifting movement for an individual level. When a user enters a score for that level, the rep max history will be tied to the appropriate movement.

When the primary movement is overridden, the users will have the ability to toggle between the movements when viewing the history of the Lifting Workout.


You can now create custom Body Composition Metrics for the My Dashboard area. To do this you will create a new entry in the Movements/Metrics screen and Tag it with the 'Body Composition' tag. See the example below.


Chalk It Pro's latest upgrades are set to revolutionize the user experience with these exciting new features. With the option to define billing cycles for memberships and allowing existing members to use QR/URL links, managing memberships has never been easier. Additionally, the new Drop-In feature upgrade lets you specify a date for QR/URL links, perfect for one-time events. The multi-level workout lifting upgrade now lets users toggle between movements, and custom body composition metrics can be created for the My Dashboard area. Don't miss out on these game-changing updates!

UPGRADE YOUR PLAN and unlock all the great features of CHALK IT PRO! Contact us at to book a demo or ask questions!

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