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CHALK IT - January '23

Welcome to our new monthly recap!

2022 was a very big year for Chalk It Pro! Chalk It 2.0 was launched in January, Class Scheduler followed shortly after that in the Spring and then knocked it out of the park with the NEW Billing Module which launched in the fall. The tri-fecta of workout programming/scheduling/billing in a single app marked a big goal for our company.

Now we're back to focusing heavily on improving our core modules with features and requests that come primarily from you! So thank you for being a part of our continued growth and improvement plan.

Yesterday we launched CHALK IT v2.2.6 and what follows is a description of the major changes.

Create a Member/Convert a Lead

  • You can now Create a Member manually from the Members screen. After creating the member manually you can fill in Billing Info, assign a Membership, etc... When you create a member manually, an email invite is sent to the new member with instructions on how to finish registration for the app. The member must complete this registration to gain access to the app. Watch this video to learn how to create a Member.

  • You can now convert a Gym Lead into a Member. If the Gym Lead has payment information in Stripe and/or documents filled out, they will all be brought over to the new member. Watch this video to learn how to convert Leads to Members

Billing updates

  • A Shopping cart has been added to the Gym Store. This adds more options for the user to purchase items together instead of defaulting to the single 'Buy Now' option for every item. Please Note: Coupons that apply to multiple/all products can be created in Stripe and applied at the cart level. Here's how to create a coupon for Multiple Products that can be used in the Cart.

  • Invoices can now be created and marked as 'Paid out of Stripe'. This feature is useful if you want to create a record of cash transactions in your system. Watch this video to see how to use this feature!

  • You can now add Membership Class Limits per Billing Cycle (in addition to weekly/monthly). Additionally, you can also combine limits across multiple tracks in one membership. Look for these options in the Membership Edit Screen. *Combined limits will be available for punchcards in the next release.