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Customer Migration Tools

A DIY guide to migrating your customers to your new self-owned Stripe account
You have 3 Options to making this task as easy and efficient as possible.

Option 1 - Stripe Copy Services:

When migrating from the YOUR CURRENT STRIPE BASED system to Chalk It Pro, we have designed a path for you to make it seamless for your clients.

Stripe Copy
Manual Set Up

Option 2 - Manual Migration:

You should leave yourself about a 1 month complete billing cycle lead time for this type of migration. It can be done at your pace and is extremely easy to follow.

Step 1: Have Existing Members Update Their Billing Information into Chalk It Pro.

  • Here's a sample email template or message you can copy and paste to your existing members.



"We have recently decided to make your experience with (YOUR BUSINESS NAME) a lot better and easier to manage. All of your billing and invoices will now be handled within Chalk It Pro. This means you will now have instant access to our new retail store for purchases and all your invoice information on demand.


We need you to follow these instructions to update your billing information into Chalk it Pro.

When In Chalk It Pro:

Account Info --> Billing --> Billing Information --> Payment Methods


That's it! Easy!


It allows us to operate a single app on the business side and deliver you everything you need in that app as well. We're super stoked to bring this to everyone.



  • You can also add a Payment Issue notification with a message to their Chalk It Pro account as to remind them to update their payment information. They will get this notice each time they log in until they remedy it and you mark them as active.

Member --> Look Up Member Name --> Member Info...




Step 2: Follow the BILLING SETUP GUIDE to create and assign memberships.

Step 3: When you create a new membership for someone that has successfully input their payment method into Chalk It Pro, you can now assign them a membership (you cannot add a membership to someone that does not have billing information and a payment method set up.)


** Take note of their current billing cycle date in your existing software.

In Chalk It Pro:

Member --> Memberships --> Add Membership

** Add the FREE TRIAL/START DATE in Chalk It Pro to reflect their next billing cycle date.

Step 4: Cancel/Delete membership payment in your old system to avoid double billing on their next billing cycle date.

Step 5: Once all your members have been converted to Chalk It Pro, you can contact your previous platform AND any processors they use for your account to cancel your service with them.

Other Processors

Option 3 - Stripe Assisted Migration:

Stripe offers migration services from other processors as well. 

Please work with your current processor to provide you an import file that can be read by Stripe.

Once they migrate your customer data over, we will help map that data for you to link their Chalk It Pro accounts.

In Chalk It Pro:

Billing --> Billing Set Up --> Link Customers

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