Welcome to the Chalk It Pro family. We're excited to prove to you why we offer the industry's gold standard software platform for workout tracking, class management AND comprehensive billing. Please follow these steps to help you most efficiently transfer your billing backend from your current provider over to Chalk It Pro. 


When migrating from the Wodify system to Chalk It Pro, we have designed a path for you to make it seamless for your clients and cause them ZERO INVOLVEMENT.


If you have not done so yet, please make sure you set up your NEW free business Stripe account.

(This is the first step to be taken when setting up the Chalk It Pro billing module and ensures that your business is the rightful owner of your businesses financial processing, not your software provider.)


That can be done at


Once it's set up and you're logged in...

Grab your new account number to have available for the steps below...

Your NEW Stripe Account Number: 
Follow this link to find and copy your NEW Stripe account number:

Upper right you will find your Account Number.  

Account ID.png


Login to your Wodify account and follow these instructions...


Login to Wodify --> Financial (left side menu) --> Settings --> Wodify Payments Configurations --> Click Your Active Account --> "Click Here to Change Any Other Merchant Account Info"


This will take you to your Wodify Stripe page

From here you will find your account id:  acct_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It is located in the web address bar as seen in the picture below.

Wodify Stripe Id Location.png


You will need to put in a help desk request with Wodify. 


Wodify will need to send Stripe a migration request (link listed below) in order to go from your Wodify set up Stripe account (account id:  acct_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) to the new one you now own and manage (from Step 1 above).

Let them know you want to go from the current Wodify acct_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx over to the new account you've created (from Step 1 above).

OLD ACCOUNT: Wodify - acct_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


NEW ACCOUNT: New Stripe account number

Wodify Support Resources:

Stripe Migration Request Access:

The link needed for Wodify to start the migration process:


This process can take about a week, but Stripe will copy all your customer data over to the brand new Stripe account you now manage.


Once the migration process is finished...


Each one of your clients will have a unique Stripe ID. 


That can be found in your NEW Stripe account under CUSTOMERS... you'll search for the customer name... once you click into a customer account,  you'll see the ID on the left hand side under DETAILS.

COPY this ID

Stripe member ID.png


Open Chalk It Pro and PASTE this ID:

Members --> Search for Member --> Click Their Name --> Member Info --> Paste Stripe ID

Stripe ID CHIP.png

Repeat this procedure for all of your clients:


One that has been done for all of your clients, their billing info will have been migrated into Chalk It Pro. The best part of this... your clients aren't bothered at all by this transition. Things operate smoothly for them and now you've been able to upgrade your billing, scheduling and tracking software seamlessly without interruption or failed payments.


Just make sure you've followed the BILLING SETUP GUIDE HERE to set up all your memberships and payment plans in Chalk It Pro.