Innovative technology to help you create, build and manage your strong communities and businesses.

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Multi Level Programming

Set multiple levels of scaling for each workout

Conveniently display your workouts on gym TVs

Organized notes, educational videos and leaderboards


Unlimited Tracks

Create tracks per class type or personal training clients

Remote coaching clients made convenient and organized

Public or private tracks

Conveniently copy programming to and from tracks

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Custom Images & Videos

The integrated video player allows to simply copy and paste video links from YouTube and Vimeo

Build your own custom branded movement library 

Add daily custom daily banner images to show off your community


Communication Tools

Scheduled notification announcements

Announcement and banner image buildout calendar

"Chalk Talk" messenger chat for personal training clients without the need for texting

Push notifications for "Chalk Talk" posts, workout comments, new members and much more...


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Workout Programs

Create specific workout programs and deliver the content to tracks or individuals

Build additional revenue streams by creating programs and selling them over and over again

Build your own or purchase ready to use programs from the Chalk It Pro Marketplace


Community Engagement

Interactive daily leaderboards with high fives, comments and GIFs.

Daily "Chalk Talk" message forum

Private track messaging capabilities for personal training clients

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Tons of Data

Individual and date range workout data

Member specific history to easily perform your goals meetings

Easily accessed workout, lifting, body metric, attendance, social engagement, programming, workout library, and a ton more data... 


Member Management

Add the convenient Class Schedular module to take care of class reservations and check-ins

Add the Billing module to house all client interactions within one simple and convenient app

Manage your members and memberships on the go with our 100% responsive mobile app

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