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By: Chris Spealler


We believe that fitness can be forever, and adventure can be daily. And we've made it our mission to create a ridiculously good training experience to deliver it to you.

And you know what? It seems to be working. Our people train in CrossFit boxes, globo gyms, garages, and their backyards. It doesn't matter where you are or how much equipment you have, there's always a way to get the work done.

Your training is designed by Chris Spealler, CrossFit Games athlete, mountain biker, trail runner, dirt biker, bushwacker, rock climber, you get the idea. Chris lives for the outdoors and has owned a gym for over 16 years. This is how he trains people for adventure. And you're invited.
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About Park City Fit

Train in the gym. Thrive in the outdoors. Get strong, resilient, and ridiculously fit for the adventures you love.

Adventure Preparedness Program

Train in the gym. Thrive in the outdoors. Get strong, resilient, and ridiculously fit for the adventures you love. Crafted for the rigorous needs of fitness-loving adventurers, deskbound dirtbags, adventure racers and functional fitness fanatics. Programmed workouts contain everything you need to help you prepare for today's training. View movement demos, workout briefs, athlete instructions, coaches notes (for coaches), and previous scores. Designed by CrossFit Games athlete and adventure nut, Chris Spealler, and Park City Fit.

What's Included

You'll never have to figure out what workout to do again. Every workout is clear, guided, and built for purpose. Ready for any adventure + fitness forever is our way.

• 6 days of programming per week.
• 3 workout variations based on how you feel. This isn't scaling, this is smart progression whether you're ready to roar or after-ski sore.
• Read 'Speal's Take' and see how Chris lays out his week to balance fitness, adventure, and aesthetics.
• Optional Accessory work to make you extra bulletproof for adventure.
• Free Park City Fit Field Manual teaching you the philosophy behind the
training system and how to get ridiculous results from it.

Beautifully Integrated Right Into Chalk It Pro

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Products: All programming options require Chalk It Pro Base Pro Plan

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Go beyond simply scaling with load, reps, and time. GIVE you members customized approaches to movement patterns and intensity.

Gym programming that serves you, your coaches, and members.

We can do better. We can serve our members in a manner that gets to the heart of the matter and keeps them coming back day after day. Our programming allows you to help members find the best approach for THEM on a daily basis. Not just with time, reps, and loading. Help reduce impact on joints, find better movement patterns, and approach workouts with the right expectation each day when needed.



Age is a number. Be strong, Capable, and Resilient.

If you have a decades of training under your belt we get it. We have to approach things differently if we want to keep this up for another 20 years. Daily workouts offer Main, Low Impact, and Recovery options for all workouts.

We focus on finding the right balance of strength, conditioning, and recovery. Let go of the constant pressure to set personal bests on all your workouts and start finding the fun in your workouts again.



Building AND Maintaining the Machine

GPP programming 6 days a week for 45-60 min/day. Offering a Main, Low Impact, and Recovery option each day with a warm up and accessory work to suit.

This approach gives you the ability to choose the intensity, volume, and response you’re looking to get out of the training session. Drop the hammer, keep it easy on the joints, or simply recover.

Your choice!



Programming Customized to YOU.

After an initial consultation and comprehensive understanding of what you want out of your training, a coach will develop a programming plan that is customized to you with the specific results you are looking for.


This could be getting out of pain from a previous injury, gaining muscle mass, improving overall general fitness, training for a competition, or improving body composition. This is your program and designed to help you reach your specific goals.

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Building AND Maintaining the Machine

Built off of the base and same offerings as our GPP workouts. Additionally receive 4 days of periodized weight lifting that focuses on power lifts, Olympic Lifts, and Strongman work.

Created for the athlete who wants a workout AND strength work.

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