The Launchkit
for Gym Admins and Personal Trainers

Getting started cheat sheet for new Chalk It Pro users

This launch kit will help you launch Chalk It Pro within your community.  It covers some important topics and questions that will come up as you get started.


  1. Your Custom Gym Password and Member Sign Up

  2. Uploading workout history options

  3. Introducing Chalk It Pro to your members with this Email template.

  4. FAQ's - Some quick reference items for to use for those members who have questions.

  5. Leaderboards

  6. TVCast

  7. LIVE Stream Your Classes in Chalk It

  8. Introductory Social Media post


Visit our video Demo Center for help with all the amazing Chalk It Pro features

  1. Admin Demos​

  2. Athlete Demos

If you are on Facebook our Facebook Gym Admins Group is a good place to ask questions and get tips from other Gym Admins and the Chalk It Pro team.  Please join!


Your Custom Gym Password and Member Sign Up

There are two ways to EASILY get your members signed up for Chalk It Pro and into your gym account. Under the "Members" tab in the Administration section you will see the following two options.


  1. INVITE: You can invite multiple members by distributing your custom gym sign up link via your preferred method (i.e. social media or email), and/or, invite individual members directly by entering their personal email address.

  2. QR CODE: In-person sign ups  can scan the QR code directly from your phone, or you can SCREENSHOT, PRINT AND HANG THE QR CODE AT YOUR GYM.

We have create created a social post and email template for you to help with your distribution.

You can see your GYM PASSWORD under the Administration tab within Chalk It. You can change this code at any time, just don't forget to re-print your QR code if you do so. 


Your Gym and Athlete's Previous Workout History

We currently support importing athlete data from Sugar WOD, BTWB, and Wodify.

Additionally, if your software platform provides an export of your gym's workout history you can bring that into Chalk It Pro.  Please note that as of the time of this post, SugarWod is the only platform that allows you to export all of your gym's workouts. (See instructions for importing below)


Before you ask all your members to load their personal history into CHALK IT PRO, you will want to bring over all your gym's workout history. 

To to get an export of your workouts from SugarWod follow #3 in this LINK

Follow these steps...

  1. Download the export workout history file from your previous provider onto your desktop.   If your previous platform exported all of your tracks into one file you will want to separate the data into different files. 

  2. Open the Administration tab within your Chalk It Dashboard

  3. Click the Tracks tab

  4. Click Edit on the track that you want to add your history into

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the 'Import Historical Wods into Track' section.  Press Choose File and select the file you saved to your desktop (from step #1)

  6. Press the Import button.

  7. You're all set.  Wait for an email from Chalk It Pro with the import results.

We're here to help. Send us an email at with questions.



Please refer to your current platforms instructions on how to export workout data from their current system.  

Please do not alter/save the files after they are sent.

**Please note this feature is not available on the mobile apps.  Members will have to use a browser on a personal computer to import their data.  

Import steps:

1)  Using a pc/laptop go to

2)  From the navigation menu on the left select Profile

3)  Click the History tab and select your file under Import Workout History

4)  Press the Import button to start the process.

5)  Wait for the results via email.


Introductory Email Template

Here's a sample email template for you to send out to your current clients and any new members that join your gym moving forward.  It lets them know you've invested in them and their success at your gym. It'll walk them through the sign up process.  All you have to do is replace the YOURGYMPASSWORD portion of the email. 

Please use this one, or put your spin on it.  

Hi {Name},

We're excited to announce that as part of your membership, we've invested in a workout and member progress tracking tool, Chalk It Pro. This will allow us to help you to determine, meet and exceed your goals. We are focused on your success and promise to invest in the best tools available to ensure that's possible.


What you'll be able to do with Chalk it.

  • See the gym's programming

  • Track your daily workout results

  • Record and retrieve your lifting, body composition and workout result history

  • Import previous your history from other providers

  • Create custom workouts

  • Create custom leaderboards with private share codes (CHIP Codes)

  • Support others within our community with high fives, comments, GIFs and through Chalk Talk

Join us, it's EASY as 1.2.3. - Follow these steps: 


  1. Visit this link:

  2. Complete the registration

  3. Download the apps (links below) or Access the Web App (

Also, check out Chalk It Pro's video Demo Center for cool walk-throughs.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions you may get when changing to Chalk It Pro or newly integrating into your gym. Use these to help make the process an easy one for you, your admins and your members.

  • Why are we making a change from our current system?

    • We are constantly looking to improve our member experience and we were looking to provide a more tailored tracking and content delivery model that better fits with our vision. ​

  • Will I lose all my old saved results?

    • Chalk It Pro has built a system that can take exports of data from other competitors and bring them into their system. If we dont' have it built we'll work with you to get it into our system.  Leave NOTHING in your old system.

  • Where do I get Chalk It Pro?

    • All you have to do is register on as a Gym Member then enter our Gym Password. Once you do that, go to the app store, download the app and login. 


  • What are my permissions options?

    • The Gym Owner will have the opportunity to grant full Admin and Coach permissions to their staff. With those opt in/out options you will grant your staff access to the Coach Board as well as the Programming tabs.

  • How will Chalk It Pro help me earn more revenue for my gym?

    • Chalk It Pro is built with flexibility in mind and allows you the opportunity to create private and public tracks within your gym. Running a barbell club or maybe a nutritional challenge? Great! Chalk It Pro can help you keep those organized, separate from your everyday programming and engaging for your members all while helping you create new revenue streams.

  • What about remote programming options?

    • Chalk It Pro is built with permissions to enable you as a remote programmer to upload your content, give access to only those that pay for your services and grant you total control over your deliverables. This is an awesome feature for remote trainers or companies that provide programming for multiple gym locations.  



Chalk It Pro gives you a couple great options for daily leaderboards.

Public Leaderboards: Scored workouts that you program from the Programming area will have a leaderboard added to the Chalkboard area.  Athletes will be able to enter scores and share them to the leaderboard.


Multi-level programming allows you to organize your leaderboard into searchable categories based on your different levels.   Check out this Video


Private Workouts and Leaderboards:  Athletes can create custom workouts and leaderboards using our CHIP codes system.


This system allows you to share and compare with remote training partners and friends all over the world that use Chalk It Pro.  Create a workout and challenge your buddies.   Check out this Video


Display Your Workouts on TV

(Programming directly displayed to your gym TV)

(PC --> Chromecast --> TV Display)

(Fire TV Stick --> TV Display)



Firestick Logo.png

(Chromecast Walk Thru)

Using a Fire TV Stick:

  1. Download the Chalk It Pro TV app from your Fire TV Stick app Store

  2. Login to your Chalk It Pro account

  3. Use the Fire Stick remote to navigate, make full screen, enlarge text, etc...

Also Available On...

Google TV.png

Using Google Play:

  1. Users with Android TV or Chromecast w/ remote.

  2. Download the Chalk It Pro TV app from your the app Store

  3. Login to your Chalk It Pro account

  4. Use the tv or Chromecast remote to navigate, make full screen, enlarge text, etc...

WEB TV.png

  1. Users with a Chromecast, casting from laptop to TV.

  2. Login to your Chalk It Pro account

  3. Use the mouse to navigate, make full screen, enlarge text, etc...

APP TV.png

  1. Users with a Chromecast, casting from laptop to TV.

  2. Login to your Chalk It Pro account

  3. Use the mouse remote to navigate, make full screen, enlarge text, etc...

LIVE Feeds


1: Sign up for a YouTube channel & YouTube LIVE.

2: Once your account has been verified, your ready to go. If this is your first time LIVE streaming, this process can take up to 24 Hours.

  • Click the Upload button (looks like a video camera), then select, GO LIVE.

  • Select Webcam

  • Enter a Title and short Description for your Live Stream and choose a privacy setting or go to “More options” for other Advanced settings.

  • Click Save. Once your camera takes the thumbnail, click Go Live

3: Grab the link provided for the event and paste it into a banner on Chalk It Pro

  • Unless you have 1000 followers you’ll be limited to using a webcam for streaming.

  • With 100 followers you can unlock a static URL for your channel. That way the link for the Live events will not change.


Social Media

Hey everyone! We at {YOUR GYM NAME} are excited to announce our new partnership with Chalk It Pro. We'll be able to enhance our programming to suite all levels of athlete at our gym and will allow you to better log, track and socially connect with the rest of our amazing community.   Visit this link to sign up for our gym directly:

Chalk It Pro

Let your community know that you've invested in their success. Here's a post you can use on your social media outlets. Just replace the YOUR GYM NAME and YOURGYMPASSWORD sections