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Set Up Your Memberships

If you ​purchased our full suite or the billing module,

click this link to see how to create memberships.....

Set UpMemberships

If you ​have added the class scheduler as a stand alone module, here's how you would add memberships to keep track of class attendance records, which would be associated to any number of membership types and their track designation.


Set up your TRACKS. These are associated to the different types of services you offer, such as; Group Classes, Personal Training Clients, Kids Classes, Boot Camp, etc...

When in the Chalk It Pro app and in the main menu, add tracks...

ADMINS-->TRACKS &MEMBERSHIPS-->TRACKS-->Yellow + Button in the upper right



Once your TRACKS have been set up, you can add membership options and grant those memberships access to your tracks. This will allow you to manage attendance and reservations to each of your services.

Create Memberships





Follow the set up wizard to choose class limits and associate which tacks count towards limits.

Add Tracks.PNG
Membership Admin.PNG
Membership Details.PNG

Set Up Your Classes


Set up your RECURRING CLASS SCHEDULE. These are classes you run on a regular basis

When in the Chalk It Pro app and in the main menu...


From here you will choose all of your class options.  Copy and edit or simply repeat this step to fill out your entire class offerings.

Recurring Classes.PNG
Create Recurring Classes.PNG
Set Up Classes

Managing Your Classes

Manage your classes on the fly. Edit all class settings with Coaches Permissions:

  • ADD one-off classes

  • Cancel classes

  • Edit coaching assignments

  • Manage reservations and check ins

  • View client info and manage quick communication options

PC Coach Permissions View

Mobile View

Manage Classes

Adding a Single Class

Add one-off classes and special events on the fly.

Add Single Class

Attendance Reporting

Get your attendance and coaching reports at...


Attendance Reporting Options.PNG
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