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6-week Strength Progression

6-week Strength Progression


A complete strength program that will help ANY member gain more muscle mass and level-up their strength.

  • A complete strength program...

    The main movements for this program are the Front Squat, the Deadlift, & the Press -- with a nice variety of accessory movements that compliment, and keep everyone healthy and balanced. 

    The program starts with higher volume to lay a solid foundation of muscle mass, but also provide more opportunities to improve technique. As the weeks progress, the reps drop, the rest increases, and the CNS is hit more effectively, producing really beneficial nervous system adaptations. 

    At a high level, the conceptual focus of this whole program should be on the quality of muscular contractions… it requires focus, consistency, diligence… this is going to be good, old fashioned, hard work. 

    The program is relatively short, at 6 weeks, and only 3 sessions per week, but it packs a serious punch (in a good way) in every session, and it’s designed to be layered on top of a members regular schedule. 

    We recommend 2 in-person sessions, and one “homework” session. 

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