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Gallant Pro Programming
Less is more when less is better, G.P.P. is robust without excess.

What it is...

Gallant Pro Programming (G.P.P.) is written by a committee of passionate fitness professionals from diverse backgrounds with decades of experience and a shared vision. To provide the best programming possible for the CrossFit community, AND to significantly decrease the workload for busy affiliate owners. G.P.P. is simple, effective, and fun programming that takes into account the equipment and facility restraints commonly found in CrossFit gyms across the globe. G.P.P. is constantly varied, without being random, and written with a purpose programming that adheres to proven training frameworks with just enough flair to keep things entertaining.

  • I don't want to leave my current system because it has all of my gym and athlete history. What can you do?
    We were there. And now we're not. We built a system that can take exports of data from other competitors and bring them into our system. We left NOTHING behind in our old system. If we don't have it built we'll work with you to get it into our system.
  • I'm an Admin for our facility and would like to better learn about Chalk It Pro's functionality and how it can help us.
    We have an awesome library of walk-through videos in our Resource Center, or, you can schedule a call with one of our staff members to help answer some of your questions.
  • How will Chalk It Pro help me earn more revenue for my gym?
    Our system is built with flexibility in mind and allows you the opportunity to create private and public tracks within your gym. Running a barbell club or maybe a nutritional challenge? Great! Chalk It Pro can help you keep those organized, separate from your everyday programming and engaging for your members all while helping you create new revenue streams.
  • I'm in the app, how do I start my journey?
    Visit the Hub for a roadmap. &... Check out our Demo Center for video walkthroughs and a ton of tips and tricks.
  • Where do I get access to the application?
    Chalk It Pro is a web application and also has matching native moblie applications. The web version can be accessed from the Members Sign In tab on this website. For the best Programming and Gym Administration experience we recommend using the web version or large device native apps. However, the mobile versions still give you full access to the entire suite of features. Regular users are encouraged to download the Chalk It Pro app directly from the Apple App Store and/or the Google Play Store.
  • I'm a garage gym / solo athlete and I'd love to learn more about how this app can help me in my training...
    Have you seen our Athlete section in the Resource Center? There you will see a ton of walk-through videos highlighting many of the great features Chalk It Pro offers the solo athlete. You can also send us a message with your questions and we will respond.
  • What about remote programming options?
    Chalk It Pro is built with subscription permissions to enable you as a remote programmer to upload your content, give access to only those that pay for your services and grant you total control over your deliverables. This is an awesome feature for remote trainers or companies that provide programming for multiple gym locations.
  • I've requested an access code during sign in, but didn't receive an email, what's next?"
    Step 1. Verify you have typed in your email address correctly. Step 2. Check your Spam or Promotions folders. Depending on you email settings sometimes they get filtered to a hidden folder. Step 3. Search for CHALK IT PRO in your email Step 4. Contact us at and we'll help you get it all set.
  • What payment processor do you use?
    We have partnered with Stripe.
  • How secure is our private billing data?
    This is another reason we have chosen to partner with Stripe and their large platform. They provide all the security on these transactions as Chalk It Pro is simply a passthrough mechanism here, and we do not hold or store any of the billing data within Chalk It Pro. "A PCI-certified auditor has audited Stripe. We’re a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe."
  • Do I own my own billing and payment data?
    Yes. This is a big seperator for Chalk It Pro clients. We do NOT store your billing informaiton at all. This is all done through the Stripe side, which you have set up as your own. If you leave Chalk it for any reason, your billing is NOT affected at all. Your payments will still be processing as normal through Stripe directly and you can fully manage it through their dashboard. We DO NOT hold our clients hostage like many of the other providers on the market.
  • What are your transaction fees and processing rates?
    At Chalk It Pro we take 0$ and 0% of the transaction processing payments, and offer 100% transparent passthrough of these fees to Stripe. You can access the Stripe pricing details here: Stripe charges for transactions, invoicing, and recurring payments. Please refer to their documentation to calculate your fees.
  • I already use Stripe, can I easily migrate over to Chalk It Pro?
    Yes you can. This would be considered a Stripe to Stripe copy. You can access all the information on how to do this at:
  • Can you help migrate all my current member data over?
    Absolutely! We have created helpful resources for you depending on: Existing software uses Stripe: Existing software uses a different processor:
  • Can I connect my current payment processor to Chalk It?
    No. We have partnered with Stripe. You can use the Stripe migration services tools to have them assist you with acquiring all your customer payment details and integrated into the stripe platform. All without you customers being bothered to reinput all their payment details. That resource can be found here: or at:
  • Can I bill for Drop Ins in Chalk It Pro?
    Yes. There is an awesome and convenient workflow to get that set up for your gym.
  • Where do I access detailed billing reports?
    We have a full suite of reports under the Billing area of Chalk It Pro. Additionally, Stripe has amazing reporting capabilities and even the ability for you to build your own if the myriad options they have don't work for you.
  • Can I put a membership on Hold?
    Of course! We have many options that you can apply. You can find them by going to: Members --> Select Member --> Membership --> Place on Hold
  • What are billing anchors?
    You can set your billing date to any date you determine. Its billing cycle anchor: This defaults to when the subscription was created—or, if you’re using a trial period, to the trial end. You can also explicitly set it at the subscription’s creation. For example, a customer with a monthly subscription set to cycle on the 2nd of the month will always be billed on the 2nd. If a month doesn’t have the anchor day, the subscription will be billed on the last day of the month. For example, a subscription starting on January 31 bills on February 28 (or February 29 in a leap year), then March 31, April 30, and so on.
  • What does this Payment Status mean?
    For a full list of status notifications and next steps: Succeeded: Customer’s payment succeeded Payment Failed: Customer’s payment was declined by card network or otherwise expired Processing: The customer’s payment was submitted to Stripe successfully.
  • Can I add options to my products in the Store?
    Yes, you can add things like sizes, colors, etc... Administration --> Store Products --> Yellow + (upper right) or Edit a current product (pencil) --> Click: Define Product Options
  • What about collecting tax on products?
    You can set up set up your taxes however you like. Exclusive/Inclusive tax options for products are available. Exclusive: Tax not included in price - most common in USA
  • How do subscriptions work?
    Check out the following resource:
  • What are Gym Leads?
    This is a database of contacts gathered by the Drop In intake process for your gym. This information is stored into a table that you can download into a .csv file and then upload into your current CRM system. Please check out this video on how to properly set up and use the Drop In intake process:
  • I had a Payment Fail, now what?
    This will flag the member account in Chalk It with a "Payment Issue" tag. They will be prompted to fix the issue each time they login to the app. The Admins of your facility in Chalk It will receive a push notification and email each time this happens as well in-order for your team to quickly respond and resolve the issue with your client. You can click 'Members' in Chalk It Pro and you will see a list of searchable categories, one being Payment Issues.
  • How much is your billing module?
    You can access our fees at We deliver 100% transparency and passthrough of all processing rate charges. Stripe's payment processing rates with zero mark up from Chalk It Pro. You can access Stripe's pricing here:
  • Can I offer discounts or coupon codes?
    Yes. You can offer discounted based on percentages or fixed amounts. You also have the ability to create a coupon codes to be used at check out for memberships. When you create a membership, then a payment plan for that membership, you will see the option to add this feature in that wizard. Coupons and codes are unique to each membership. You will need to create specific discounts per membership payment plan. VIDEO:
  • What about upgrading or downgrading memberships during a billing cycle?
    Step 1: Take note of billing cycle date. (Example Nov. 15th bill date and they want to upgrade on Dec. 1st.) Step 2: Delete current membership. Step 3: Add a new membership with a free trial/start date of the next billing cycle start date (Example above: Dec. 15th) *If you would like to add a prorated bill, you can send them a one off invoice for the difference.
  • Some of my clients aren't seeing any billing features
    Please make sure they have the latest updated Chalk It Pro app release from their app sore. It's a good idea to remind your users to turn on automatic updates for this app.
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Best Value

G.P.P - Gallant Pro Programming



Every month

Less is more when less is better, G.P.P. is robust without excess.

Valid until canceled

G.P.P. includes specific training blocks/themes (8 Weeks).

BONUS! For each “block” you’ll get a 10k ft. view .pdf.

Each block has a clear goal, a beginning and an end.

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