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By: Gallowglass Athletics

About Us

With a background in Bodybuilding turned into a love for Functional Fitness, Gallowglass Athletics was founded to bring a blend of fitness to your community. We strongly believe in combining traditional methodologies of strength training with functional fitness to allow our athletes to look good and feel good while doing it. 

Why Gallowglass Athletics?

We all want to look good naked and feel good about our fitness level. We all don't want to spend hours in the gym to achieve that.

Our program is designed to fit in a one hour session and includes the following, 6x a week:

  • Warm Up

  • Skill Or Strength 

  • Conditioning

  • Optional Competitor Accessory Work

Skill and Strength

Strength work is centered around 6 week cycles, focusing on a specific lift. We believe in measurable progress. With a test in and test out, athletes can see their improvements.  We also believe in routinely working on the "Big 3" (Squat, Deadlift, Press). The carryover of these movements is undeniable in cleans, snatches, etc. 


Skill work is programmed weekly for you to progress on your gymnastic skills. Pull-ups, Muscle-Ups, Toes-to-Bar, Handstand Push-ups, Handstand Walking, etc. These movements can't improve in conditioning without setting aside time for drilling these by themselves.


  • Built with the goal to increase your capacity across all domains. We want our athletes to be able to conquer anything that life throws at them. 

  • Intended stimulus and scaling options included for all WODs.

  • RX+ Versions for the more seasoned athletes!

Competitor Work

  • Daily competitor piece included for the athletes looking for more! 

  • Designed to challenge you with workouts and drills to prepare for competition, the competitor work will help take you from average to elite. 

Fully Integrated Into Chalk It Pro

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(Click Image  for Sample Day of Programming)

PRODUCTS - All programming options require Chalk It Pro Base Pro Plan

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Best Value

Gallowglass Athletics - Gym Programming



Every month

1 FREE MONTH - Fully encompassing program for athletes of any caliber.

Valid until canceled
30 day free trial

Programming for 6x a week

Designed to fit in a one hour session.

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