WODWell Hero WODs

WODWell Hero WODs


Hero WOD (workout of the day) is a tribute to a fallen first responder or member of the military who died while serving honorably in the line of duty.


The Hero WODs listed here were either posted online and/or shared with us by members of the fitness community. We also include all “official” CrossFit Hero WODs (meaning they were posted on the CrossFit Main Site). Whenever possible we include the story behind the namesake for each WOD and cite the source.

Are we missing one? Let us know.


Military, law enforcement and first responder communities were among the amongst the earliest proponents of CrossFit. Their intensity matched with the fitness CrossFit provides is a match made in heaven. When a service member dies in the line of duty, a CrossFit hero workout is created in their name. Hero WODs are an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the fallen – to speak their names and honor their memories. These workouts have been a tradition of workout gyms since 2008.” -CrossFit Journal (Note: CrossFit’s first Hero WOD, “JT”, was actually posted in 2005).