Version 1.3.0 Features

We've been hard at work the last few months and we have a list CHALK FULL 🙄 of new features for you!!!

ADMINISTRATION There are now two new ways to EASILY get your members signed up an into your gym's Chalk It account. Under the "Members" tab in the Administration section you will now see the following two options.

  1. INVITE: You will now be able to invite multiple members with your custom gym link, and/or, invite individual members directly by entering their personal email address.

  2. QR CODE: You can have in-person sign ups scan the QR code directly from your phone, or; SCREENSHOT, PRINT AND HANG THE QR CODE AT YOUR GYM.


If you can do it in single day view you can now do it in Calendar View!

Work Week:

  • Reflects a M-SUN work/planning week.

  • Single day overview pane on the right hand side. Click on the header of any calendar day to enable this pane.

Preview Pane:

  • Each workout in the preview pane has a list of actions (Preview, Edit, Delete, Hide)

  • The day pane allows you to Add and Edit (NEW FEATURE) banners and announcements.

Multiple Day Editing:

  • You can also now highlight multiple days to reveal a list of actions. Multi COPY, MOVE, HIDE and DELETE workouts.

Saved Screen Preferences:

  • Your last 'View': Single Day, Week, Month is saved so next time you go to that area that view is enabled.

ANALYTICS - BRAND NEW FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!! This brand new section compiles a ton of data related to programming and performance.

  • See analytics of your programming over a specified Date Range.

  • Check to see how many scores and pr's are being logged.

  • Review: Movement, workout types, and athlete social engagement!

Most graphs are interactive and provide additional level of details when clicked. You can also drill down into workouts to see the breakdowns.


Be sure to add tags (Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Conditioning) to your custom

movements so that they are included in the Analytics section.


When you want to program a repeat a workout, or a library workout (program existing workout), you will now be able to see all the dates of when it had been previously programmed.


Enhanced programming interface with less clicks and windows to navigate.


Upgraded visual cues for opt-in and opt-out markers for multi-level programming.


As an athlete, when you share a custom workout, you can now see a list of your CHIP codes so you can re-tag workouts.

MY DASHBOARD Stats Area now shows repeated Movements during selected time range. Barbell PRs has been renamed to Mov. PRs to allow you to track PRs on other movements not related to a barbell, such as Weighted Pull ups.

COACHBOARD Now shows breakdown of male/female and athletes who have not specified a gender in the Profile area. We don't require subscribers to disclose that information and leave it to the individual athlete and gym owner to require this information. Gender can be updated in the Profile section at any time.

ENHANCED USER VIEWS Upgraded color contrast in both the white and dark modes for the user interface. The TV cast mode has upgraded color contrast within each pane.

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