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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Chalk It Pro is excited to announce that we've added a few more TV display options to our platform. There is great value in being able to show workouts on a TV to your members, but maybe you don't have the setup, or you don't know where to start. Lets get that resolved.

We know not everyone is a techie, so don't be shy about asking for help! Reach out to us, other gym admins, or even your own members!

First thing is first. Lets identify your current set up and the options for display we offer.

Identify the equipment you have available.

- A PC/laptop

- A tablet

- A phone

- One tv (you kinda need this)

- Multiple tvs

- Internet connection (you definitely need this )

- A Chromecast

- A Chromecast with a remote

- An Amazon Firestick

- An Android TV (or a tv with access to the google play store) and the TV remote

- An Apple TV

Now, let's chat about the different sites or apps that we have and how they can work with your specific tv set up.

1) The Main Site:

The main site can be loaded on your laptop/pc browser and cast to a tv. We recommend setting your pc to a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 so that it looks good on your tv.

We don't recommend loading this site on a mobile device (phone) and trying to cast to your tv.

- The main site has all the chalk it pro features (chalkboard/programming/etc....)

- The Chalkboard can be put into TV display mode which allows:

- Drag and drop workouts on canvas area

- Resize workouts

- Adjust text size for each workout

- Shows photo banners/gym logos

- Shows announcements

- Hide workouts/announcements

- Fullscreen a workout

FAQ: How do I cast the main site to the TV?

Answer: You will need either:

1) A laptop/pc running Chrome and connected directly to your tv (usually via an hdmi cable)

2) A laptop/pc running Chrome and a CHROMECAST connected directly to your tv.

2) The TV Site:

The TV site is a site with access to the chalkboard only. It is very basic but is more user friendly and can be navigated with a remote (see #3 in Faq Answer below). This site:

- Only shows the chalkboard workouts

- Shows gym logos

- Shows photo banners when in full screen mode

- ***Does not show announcements

- Full screen a workout by clicking on it

- Show/hide notes option when in full screen mode only

FAQ: How do I cast the TV site to the TV?

Answer: You will need either:

1) A laptop/pc running Chrome and connected directly to your tv (usually via an hdmi cable)

2) A laptop/pc running Chrome and a CHROMECAST plugged into your tv.

3) A tv with the new Chromecast with Remote. See link below for that device.

Just run the TV site on the built in chrome browser.

3) The CHALK IT PRO Mobile App (iOS/Android)

The mobile app is not meant to be cast to the tv. The resolution cannot be adjusted so it will not match your tv. However, you can use the mobile app in conjunction with Option 1. Once the TV Mode has been activated on your laptop browser, put your phone in remote control mode by clicking the satellite button. (see image below). You can now tap on workouts to put them in fullscreen mode and adjust text size on the fly.

FAQ: How do I cast my phone to the TV

A: We don't recommend this.

4) The Amazon Fire TV App and the Android TV App

These apps duplicate all features of the TV site (Option 2 above). The difference is that you can use the remote control that comes with each device to navigate around. Since we cannot drag and drop pieces using a remote control the interface is very simple. You can re-size text and place workout pieces in full screen mode.

FAQ: How do I run these apps on my tv?


Firestick: Buy a Firestick and set up on your tv. Download the Chalk It Pro TV app from the store. Use the remote control to perform all actions.

Android TV: Your TV must be an android tv. Download the Chalk It Pro TV app from the google play store. If you dont see the app in the google play store that is on your TV just look for it on your web browser where you can install directly to your tv.

FAQ: I have multiple tvs what's the best setup?

Answer 1: If you want to run Option 1 or 2 on each tv, then you will need a laptop/pc and a Chromecast on each tv. This setup is advanced but only has to be done one time. Here is a good article on how to set that up.

Answer 2: You can buy the new Chromecast with Remote or a Firestick for each TV and run the apps or websites on every tv. You'll have a remote for each tv!

FAQ: I have an Apple TV what is the best approach to cast

Answer: In classic Apple fashion, nothing is easy. You can probably load up the TV website (option 2) in Safari on an iphone/ipad and then mirror to the Apple TV. Honestly, not recommended. You're better off taking the Apple TV home and enjoying it there and buying a 30 dollar Firestick/Chromecast. :)

Phew...that was a lot of stuff. Hoping that clears things up!

Like we mentioned above, we know these tech things aren't easy sometimes so feel free to reach out.

Happy casting,

The Chalk It Team

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