Logos are awesome and important to your business! They grab attention, separate you from your competition, and foster loyalty from your members.

Chalk It Pro is built to proudly show off your logo. We even have tools for your members to show it off in their photo posts. Whether you use CHIP TV only, or the full blown platform, there is always a spot to display it.

Let's go over how to upload your gym logo into CHIP.

First, find yourself a good high-quality image of your logo ready to upload into CHIP. We recommend a square shape with a minimum size of 400 x 400 pixels and a transparent background.

Once you have that file ready, proceed to the Administration area of the CHALK IT APP and

click the camera icon in the Profile area. You will be prompted to select your file and have the opportunity to resize or rotate the image. ***Don't forget to hit the Update Profile after you've set your image.

Ok you're all set! Now lets see where that AWESOME logo shows up.

  • Logos show up in the Menu System and are always on display on the Chalkboard.

  • Logos are always on display when the MAIN app is placed in TV Mode.

  • In the CHALK IT PRO TV app, when you full-screen a workout and there is no banner set, your logo is shown off.

  • In version 1.4.0 of CHIP we introduced a feature to allow your members to add your logo to their uploaded images. A very cool way to produce BRANDED social media images for you! Simply save those pictures to your device and re-use as you see fit!

Now go show off that beauty and let everyone know who you are!!!

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