At CHALK IT PRO we're constantly planning and working on our main platform and our product offerings. In this blog we want to highlight some of our completed and upcoming roadmap items to keep you in the loop!

First, lets start off with some exciting things already in place.

The Chalk It Pro Marketplace is built out and tested. In fact, some of you reading this may have already gotten a sneak peak when you downloaded the free Murph prep program. We will be growing our market place to bring you more awesome content over the next few months!

Integrations with the LM app

If you are a Level Method gym and your members use CHIP, we've added integrations so your members only have to use one app! We've also added awesome new features like daily workout tags that change colors based on the individual athlete's levels. And, in the next few weeks, we'll be officially releasing our beta of Global leaderboards for LM weekly programming.

Now lets talk about the big daddy. Our current effort,

CHALK IT 2.0 (Q2-Q3).

We are sooooo excited about this. When we first started CHIP we never knew how small or big it would be. We just kept building on top of our starter project, and now 15K+ users later and almost a year and a half in, we've collected a lot of feedback and learned about the things we did well and also the things that are holding us back.

So we're taking one step back to move many steps forward. We're rebuilding Chalk It. No, not from scratch, but it's definitely no small task. We're gonna go big on some things, but also focus on all the little things that our users have asked for over the last 18 months.

CHIP 2.0 will have something new for everyone. Here are just some of the highlights.

  • Users

  • A new interface that focuses on displaying content concisely and beautifully on the chalkboard

  • An improved mobile experience. More swiping, fewer buttons, easy data entry and navigation

  • An overhaul of Chalk Talk to make it a messenger/chat app (awesome for those 1:1 PT clients' tracks)

  • A new experience for creating and sharing user workouts

  • Ability to tweak results on the fly by adding more sets/reps or changing lift movements

  • Internalization language options

  • Text re-sizing options

  • New color theme options

  • Coaches and Programmers

  • A new programming interface that focuses on displaying content concisely and beautifully

  • New workout score types

  • More flexibility for load workouts (adjust sets/reps/movement) per level

  • A new low keyboard option for creating workouts. Think drag and drop to build your workouts

  • Add workouts results on behalf of your members.

  • Admins

  • Manage your members easily (invite/suspend/remove)

  • Better permission management for tracks

  • Our Team

  • Re-building on the latest technology platforms and following best practices allows us to grow our team faster and build better solutions. This will allow us to deliver you the best software on the market, not just today, but well into the future.

Don't worry we'll still keep all the little things that make CHIP great (chalk puffs included).

After we complete the 2.0 project, we plan on building two major add-ons to the system.


A new add-on to the CHIP eco-system. We started this project a few months ago and made great progress on the database and back end systems. But we decided to pump the brakes on the User Interface for now and wait for CHIP 2.0 to complete it. Once it's done, it'll be awesome. The new system will feature:

  • Schedule classes for each Track

  • Reservation system for members

  • Check in system for coaches

  • Reporting


A new add-on or standalone system. It's Chalk It Pro, but with a strong focus on personal training. Personal training is its own business and we want to treat it as such. We plan on adding:

  • A dedicated area for PT clients to see their workouts

  • A new workout programming interface to easily build workouts for individuals or groups of personal training clients

  • A dedicated area to manage your PT clients

A question you will undoubtedly have is: Does this replace our current ability to run PT clients as tracks? The answer is of course...No. But, if you decide to use this add-on you'll be able to migrate your PT clients to the new module which will be more robust.



This is a HUGE project and it'll be a major part in the evolution of Chalk It Pro. We will deliver you the all-in-one solution need. The best there is.


While we would love to send everyone a CHIP shirt after completing 50 workouts, it doesn't benefit you in the long run (and probably not the best model for us right now either 😂) . We want you to be able to game-ify CHALK IT so you can engage and retain your clients.



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